XO Euphoria, poetry written by Pat Cantin at Spillwords.com
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XO Euphoria

XO Euphoria

written by: Pat Cantin


The world stops, euphoria sets in
I go numb with the craving again

The kind of hunger that leaves you in a state of rigor and aggressive lust

In the moment time stops, your lips send me into shock
I tremble, I ache

My hand around your throat, I crave your taste
The kinetic energy erupts as my lips meet yours

A savage lust takes me, I believe I am animalistic for you
Just kiss me until we speak in tongues

I yearn to find my catharsis in you

Pat Cantin

Pat Cantin

My name is Patrick, but everyone calls me Pat. I'm a 28 year old communications major from Jacksonville, Florida. Writing has been an absolute release for me for about 10+ years and it's the best way I can be open about myself and my thoughts. Let's share our thoughts together.
Pat Cantin

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