High Wire, a poem written by Sharil Miller at Spillwords.com

High Wire

High Wire

written by: Sharil Miller


The invisible line between us we tip-toe over and back
On a high wire it’s a daring balancing act

We taunt and tease each other from the opposite side
Hinting at a mutual attraction which we fail to hide

Walking the high wire we take a chance
Our words floating around in the air like an intricate dance

It’s not the gravity we defy
There’s so much more than meets the eye

We locked eyes when it was just to be a fleeting glance
And in that moment began a seductive trance

Blinded by the false security of a safety net
We became bolder with each step

Slipping into an intimacy from which we’ll never recover is what we face
When we ignore this invisible line which we cannot erase

Like all acts it must come to an end
So we take our bow and then pretend

The high price of admission is what we’re skirting
After all, aren’t we just flirting?

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