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Verbal Ammunition

written by: NikNik


She's always prepared, never scared, shooting verbal ammunition,
Words full of knowledge, speaking with deep intuition.
Her heart is heavy, yet always ready, sharing what she knows,
No college degree, you won't always agree with how she flows.
Avoiding fads at all cost, she gets excited with simple things,
Fixing meals from her soul, keeping peace to what she brings.
Faded jeans, a tank top, she furrows her brow,
While listening to the news, she scrubs her floor with head bowed.
She gathers her kids to help fold clothes, silent as they speak
Kisses their foreheads with a smile, glad it's the end of the week.
So strong, passion so deep, some say she's even crazy,
For to her wealth isn't cash, but a hug given from her babies.
She's always ready with an answer, and a hug for those in need,
It's those words of ammunition, giving life to hearts that bleed.



At the age of 4, I got my first library card. Words slowly became my outlet and reading was my escape from reality growing up. In elementary school I was introduced to poetry. Haiku was one of many favorites. Once I started writing, as the saying goes, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Never enjoying big crowds, or one who enjoys popularity, I don't have a lot of friends. I've always felt Quality over quantity is the route to take when it comes to people.
To share words through writing is good for the soul, it allows inner peace to slowly take hold.

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