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Hour Hand Obsession

Hour Hand Obsession

written by: Don Knowles



Sentimentality pools the sweat of our ages
Reservoirs tears in each wrinkled crevasse
Eroding a once blemished brow to black crow appendages
Remember when’s are elaborated to Odyssean feats
Discovery of truth about a half lie
forgetting false memories or garnished by them
Where simplicity hordes itself on dusty dark corner shelves
While all complexity displays itself on a rotating dais
Multiplicity bores Past the neurons
Complexity Clogging the misfit synapses
A trinket holds more attention than a reunion
A bobble is a grand necessity
An empty embrace all you give and receive
While each day is Black Friday
As we crane heads momentarily from a device
To gape at our personally perceived diorama
Beings don’t see every color as group perception
We see variance a plethora of hues in view
Until the fade-away
Till the credits roll on by
Past the salt stung eyesight of our first forgotten
These are moments you inventory
A beat we all move our feet to
Conscious or comatose
While the pendulum weights of our internal clock
Pulls the minute hand swiftly across our face
Hour hand obsession

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