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How She Lost It

written by: Llaka Tshesane


Red eyes, pink cheeks
Red ears, pink nose
Race between tears, she’s in a mess
She has no happiness
Curse is happening
Aloud she screams her throats later hurts
There is no one to help and no one to care,
Everyone is too busy,
Too busy to offer a hand
Too busy to fight the violent man
Too busy to offer a shoulder
Everyone is too busy watching from a distance
And poor virgin is too busy lying on the cold floor
Too weak to stand tall irrespective of her height
Her pride snatched off her hands
It is broken, and she has lost her virginity



Llaka Tshesane is a young emerging poet from South Africa whose writing style is unique, with a revelation of uncompromising truth and simple words for her readers to follow. Her passion for writing started when she was young, and grew out to be a therapeutic release after the death of her father. She has her work published with few other journals such as Literary Yard (Indian e-journal), New Coin (South African journal) and a few more. Getting recognized in the literature world has proved to be hard but she believes it will happen in the right time. So long it's only giving her more time to polish up.

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