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Hurry Up And Wait

Hurry Up and Wait

written by: AngelFace44



Many times this day
your face has been viewed
looking for that which is sought.
From you we await our queue
the time you give our only thought.

Long awaited, the time has come.
The mass exit ensues.
Out the door a mad dash is made.
And now we have to choose.

Follow the horde and wait our turn
for an elevator moving so slow
or take the stairs 8 floors down
to keep us on the go.

Decision made, from the building we rush.
Into our cars we climb.
Backing out and driving on
we take our spot in the line.

The parking garage, just another hurdle
To continue once again we must wait.
Around the last corner the end is there.
We’re finally through the exit gate.

Free at last, to the freeway we fly
our place in the herd is found.
Flowing along with the others we speed
happy to be homeward bound.

Smiles falter as we notice a change
our speed is slowing down.
Red lights are all that we see
as we take a quick look around.

Now in the midst of a traffic jam
ever so slowly we crawl.
Journey’s end gets farther away
Frustration building in us all.

Foot by foot we work our way forward
passing the cause of the delay.
Traffic flowing much faster now
we are once again on our way.

Almost home, the end in sight
but arriving an hour late.
Pondering why we do this mad rush
when all we do is hurry up and wait.

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