I Lit Candles Awaiting Your Return, poetry by Richard O. Ogunmodede at Spillwords.com

I Lit Candles Awaiting Your Return

I Lit Candles Awaiting Your Return

written by: Richard O. Ogunmodede

performed by: Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede


The guilt of words I kept from you
Keeps tearing me apart deep in my thought
Your smell I’m left with but not your view
How could you have parted without my trust?

The era I shared with you
Seemed long but short
Precious moments you forfeited for my infant hood
Can never be measured for a billion worth

What a dilemma you have put me through!
You sometime proudly said you would not leave me
But the cruel wind blew you off in the wink of the moon
‘Goodbye’ they say is the saddest word, this explains to me that death is mean

I would ignite every candle to keep alive your memories
I would watch above high towers, praying I may behold your angelic look
I would fight all your cause, even if it takes me breaking through the armoury
And I would proclaim to my offspring how great the person death took from me

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