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I Wish To Create A Monster

written by: Chris Scully



I wish to create a monster
So void of self
That emptiness fills it.
That silence, screams in its wake

I wish to create a monster,
That causes stillness to shudder,
That causes deafness to wince at its roar

That knows no limit.
That is endless.
That enslaves, enraptures, and envelopes everything

And I will name it love.

Chris Scully

Chris Scully

Chris Scully, poet musician and average Joe from Devon UK. Most of my poetry is written and inspired by my commute to work and all the fascinating interactions of everyday people. Recently I have begun submitting my work to various sites and groups and was lucky enough to be invited onto BBC Local Radio to promote my work. Hoping to publish my first poetry collection by Summer 2020.
Chris Scully

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