I Won't Commit Suicide, a poem by Jyoti Jungle at Spillwords.com
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I Won’t Commit Suicide

I Won’t Commit Suicide

written by: Jyoti Jungle

translated by: Suman Pokhrel



The wind, flowing through
every nook and corner, conquering the sky
shall be frozen, defeated,
enduring the squirts of blood.

In the colors of the rainbow
there shall be only one hue
the hue of my blood, of my wounds.

I have to save the sages for eternity
the beauty of this universe
rests solely on the living
for this very reason
I won’t commit suicide.

These eyes have granted me the ability to
recognize my mother,
until today, on this journey
this life alone,
jumping, screaming, and rising
laughing, and crying,
has come along.

If it had not come,
where would the attempts of your dreams be born?
where would they have perished?
which abyss would have witnessed
this sanctuary of consciousness?

Death becomes scared when confronted,
if not, it is the inevitable path to deliverance
opening on its own.

By cutting out the lively addiction,
squeezing the head-holder neck
swallowing the poisonous agony
why disrespect death?

Until its esteemed arrival
I will continue to drink the brilliance of Creation
even with its scars, with its twilights!

This dissatisfaction is truly genuine
I shall not inflict any injustice upon my soul
I won’t commit suicide.

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