I'm Not Scratchin' That Itch! poetry by Jennifer Geer at Spillwords.com
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I’m Not Scratchin’ That Itch!

I’m Not Scratchin’ That Itch!

written by: Jennifer Geer


“Honey is that you,” that’s all he said,
The pain shot through me as I turned my head, I saw his face
He had aged with time. The past 10 years hadn’t been so kind.
I tried to breathe as I whispered a faint Hello,
How have you been, where did you go?

How can you say hello, to someone who’s already said good-bye
He’s standing here; all I could do was lie!
I said I’m fine; I’ve gotten over you
It didn’t take long after you said we’re through.
But I felt that pain, down deep inside,
And all I could do was stand there and lie.

I saw that grin he used to have; that want in his eyes for one more try.
I smiled and thought, “Yes, I’m over you,
I’m not going down that old road like I used to do.
Yes, Honey I’m over you.

I saw his face as I walked away; I felt a pride I hadn’t felt today,
Not again you son of a bitch, not me, I’m not scratchin’ that same old itch!
No not for me, I’m over you; go and find another fool!

With my head held high I went out that door, not needing to lie, not anymore
I smiled inside, yes I’m over you, don’t feel like scratchin’ that itch like I used to do!

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