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I'm Trying

written by: Adithya


I'm drowning
Drowning in the
Sea of chaos
But still, I'm trying
Trying to be happy...
Trying my best.
I tried to assuage
Most of my fears
I tried to be obscure
and hide all those
that was in my mind
Wanting to emancipate
from the deep undercurrents
of emotions, from
the ebullient seas
of the mind. Chaos!
While my overflowing
emotions are treated
with levity, for
my feelings are esoteric.
I still try.
I try and I try to
Light a sparkler and enjoy
holding it above the Sea
and be happy,
While the tempestuous wind
in my ebullient sea
is drowning me,
I still try and
I'm trying
I'm ............



My name is Adithya. I've been writing a blog named The Rendezvous Club for the past 4 months. I'm from India and I'm a literature student. I recently started writing poems, my writings are mostly inspired from real life emotions. It could be either my own experiences or from other people lives too.

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