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Imagine Not Going To War

Imagine Not Going To War

written by: Dah



Imagine not going to war
but going to peace, not shedding
tears of sadness but tears of joy.
Imagine not having to face terror
but to face comfort.

Imagine all the people living life so free:
to balance our hearts upon each other
our hearts joined together in harmony
creation and spiritual wisdom
only to exist in freedom.

Brothers, sisters, lovers, and friends
let us squeeze the fruit of love
only to drink from one another’s hands
to sweeten the savage misery of those
who create hate — this time, let us lead them.

Earth is exhausted, consumed and
crawling on her knees screaming:
Pick me up. Hold me. Love me, please.
I have given you my water, my air, my trees
only to have you abuse me with your greed.

Imagine the whole world, all of humanity
feeling the flutter of peace in their hearts:
if war with its complicated structures
of destruction and terror can be so quickly mobilized
then peace with its simplicity could be mobilized faster:

Imagine Not Going To War But Going To Peace

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