In Loneliness, I Reside written by Laura Hughes at

In Loneliness, I Reside

In Loneliness, I Reside

written by: Laura Hughes



In loneliness, I reside.
My fears can no longer hide.
Is this purgatory or hell?
This place where I now dwell.

There can be no escaping.
My mind is merely scraping,
to find its own sanity.
If only it could be set free.

With no one to understand,
I’m lost in a foreign land.
With a language, I can’t speak.
Oh, such havoc does this wreak.

When there is nowhere to turn,
your future seems to only burn
right before your very eyes.
Hopes dematerialize.

Without hope, there’s nothing left.
You’re only feeling bereft,
from all that’s forever lost.
Now you’re just paying the cost.

Deep inside, you feel you’re dying,
so what is the use in trying…

any more…

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