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written by: Eddie Awusi


If I could gaze into the eyes of a storm,
I would rip off its safety pins, dipping myself in its blueprints.
My safety Jacket, I did put away, among a heap of charlatans.
So we swell and whirl together, the storm and I,
And ridicule our powerful limbs, locked in a frenzy,
of a new tapestry, dancing to a song, in the storm's mother tongue.
I did invade its rascality with undaunting oars.
I did self-arm and re-up, to become an eruption.
Little leftovers will I have for worries.
Photos of my imagination will grow on every tree.
Earth will snore calmly, like an infant, after its nurse has sung it to sleep.
I know, no longer will I name him after resilience,
We will put a name to every whirl and stir.
Next time there is a storm, it would be I, staging a comeback.

Eddie Awusi

Eddie Awusi

A degree holder in English literature, Eddie Awusi is a Nigerian writer of Isoko extraction. He has been published in numerous poetry magazines and anthologies. He lives in Benin city, Edo state, where he is a small business owner.
Eddie Awusi

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