Insatiable Dreams, poetry by Aminath Neena at

Insatiable Dreams

Insatiable Dreams

written by: Aminath Neena


She is the libretto to which his poetry
could not find a rhyme
Yet she was his sonnet

She is the mystery to which his sagacity
failed to produce a key
Yet she was his kismet

She is the tempo for which his symphony
could not compose a rhythm
Yet she was his lyrics

She is the touchstone of his velocity
with which he failed to ploy
Yet she was his wings

She is the hyperbole for which his trenchancy
could not opt for a suitable satire
Yet she was his literature

She is the paper for which his destiny
had omitted to spare some ink
Yet she was in his past, present and future

She was his “wish upon a star” melody
As he was her good luck charm
And yet… his lips would never taste hers

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