Into The Light Again, poetry by Maria Chalastani at
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Into The Light Again

Into The Light Again

written by: Maria Chalastani


And when all these shadows of seclusion
are coaxed back to their humid cellars
and sent to oblivion

and we have all stretched ourselves
to the point of utter reinvention

and home has ceased its baffling route
from “prison” to “Eden”, then back to “prison”

and our loved ones can -hopefully- still give us
non-digital, smiling close-ups

let us wash the hands of time
to unrust them from their infected stillness

and embrace each other’s awkward first steps
into the new, unsettled realm

of pandemic reminiscences
and endemic absences

and let us not exchange
our “worst-case scenarios” but rather

our prayers for the fragile
prematurely-uprooted life

and a line from a poem which had kept the spark
alight in our soul’s humid cellars

until our shadows
found their way home.

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