JuMPS - The Infamous Quartet, written by SilentKnight at Spillwords.com

JuMPS – The Infamous Quartet

JuMPS – The Infamous Quartet

written by: SilentKnight


A woman walking on a desolate path; she hears a noise, a noise that pierced her ears and made her bleed but a noise that was never heard by anyone but her. Hands approached her and covered her mouth and pressed her skin that left an impression which would last a lifetime. She bit and cried but all her attempts were like arrows shot in the dark, it reached nowhere but it touched her soul. After the nightmare she gathers her strength and with an iron will she returns home. But the piercing eyes she had to face on her way made the walk back home, a walk of shame, a play of life which should fade as soon possible but is as difficult as it was for Napoleon to win the battle of Waterloo.



In the present scenario, we as human beings fail in a very important field of life: – “Humanity”. If we can’t help the victim at least we should never judge and try to blame her for the nightmare. We should always empathize with each other no matter what but this is where the first member of the infamous quartet Society kicks in and it plays an important instrument. The sad tune of this instrument damages the healing spirit of the wounded and gives a way to crime to perpetuate and do more and more harm as it keeps digging in its claws deeper and deeper.
We should ask ourselves some questions “Why do we attack the victim? Are we afraid of the hunter? Will our silence bring justice to the endless screams of the victim which potentially tore the skies in two halves?” But the voice apparently never reached our ears and instigated our thought process. The first member of the quartet plays the opening tune.

The law agency whose breastplate read “Seva Parmo Dharma” actually does work; they investigate, but not the hunter rather the hunted, they served and served the purpose of the criminal. The nightmare is put on the loop and this deters everyone, alienates the people and this leads to people silencing their voices and serves under the vast multitude of pain and this silent suffering leaves scars on their minds forever and as for scars; they never heal. The second member of the quartet plucks the string of heart and plays with the insanity of mind and this leads to drastic actions taken by individuals which often affects who are the closest to them. The music of dishonesty heard out loud.

The ground is full of crowd and a performer is presenting a fantastic show and its almost deafening but the cries of women never reached those ears. The so-called representatives of the people are doing everything except representing people. The false promises and outright lies have become like an inherited genome and we have accepted it as a way of life. Our ministers are the perfect puppet master and we are made to play according to their will. The beating drums tell a story of lies and false promises and the third member of the quartet have arrived.

Finally after overcoming all hurdles, one finds itself standing in front of a statue which has a blindfold, a pan in one hand and a sword in other. The already pained soul seeks refuge but the sword keeps it at bay and slashes away the bits of courage and will that reside in it. The remnants of justice are hard to find and all is left is to grab on the ashes of the ideas that protected the rights and gave a sense of security.

The singer of the quartet has given meaning to the sounds that were generated and honored all that is wrong in this world.

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