Keep Folly Afar Off by Gerry Sikazwe at

Keep Folly Afar Off

Keep Folly Afar Off

written by: Gerry Sikazwe


Folly has a way of enticing young minds,
It has a cunning fashion of finding
residence in their hearts,
Central in conversations crafted,
folly princely sits,
But O youth, shun foolish assemblies.

Keep folly afar off,
At a distance from it always walk,
With those void of understanding,
those who lack dreams or even a future,
avoid sitting to talk,
For their lack of reality might become yours,
and so ruin you.

Ancient words echo,
‘Iron sharpeneth iron’ continually,
Indeed though old these words are golden,
Companies kept build or destroy men,
Host not folly my son,
Have no foolish guest inside your walls
Lest you be like him.

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