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Worn Boldly And Gratefully

written by: Gerry Sikazwe


But as life has day and night
Mine too has faces
One of glittering smiles
And another of darkening frowns
One impressively witty
And another shamefully imbecilic
But as life has day and night
Proud of its fraternal twins
I too am not embarrassed of mine
I wear them boldly and gratefully
Knowing full well
That if not for them
The balance they shape
I would be a life mad and dangerous!

Gerry Sikazwe

Gerry Sikazwe

Gerry Sikazwe is a Zambian emerging poet who is currently studying at the University of Zambia.
He posts his work on his blog and facebook page.
Other than there, his work has been featured by Tuck Magazine, Tipton Poetry Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review, Nthanda Review, Dissident Voice, Africanwriter and And So Yeah.
Gerry Sikazwe

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