The Whispering Woods, poetry written by CB Prasanna Venkatesh at
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The Whispering Woods

The Whispering Woods

written by: CB Prasanna Venkatesh



The Whispering Woods, the madness, and the scene
Calming winds that straighten your face
Bountiful nature abounds in joy
Barnacles and a tale well lived in its space.
Country air welcomes you with a smile
Far away from the city’s din
Fresh water from the lakes is aplenty
Makes you jump up with glee from within.
Twisted stories, sudden surprises
Mellowed by the drama of its own
Roads less traveled by a wandering laborer
Making sense of a memory, a sojourn.
Good days filled with dazzling moments
An epoch designed by the wheel of time
Bespoke a legacy, which will live to tell
Never to return to the circle of life.
Nature’s colors are best when you experience it
Four seasons to foster your soul
A grand spectacle, a hue to remember
Renewal and restarting your endless goal.
I will always run to the whispering woods
To embrace peace in the chaotic night
For a day that’s filled with chores and madness
To behold the only source of respite.

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