Foolish Thoughts And Inspiration, written by Gayl Wright at

Foolish Thoughts And Inspiration

Foolish Thoughts and Inspiration

written by: Gayl Wright



Warm and cozy
I remember the blue china teapot
a cup of hot tea
A few thoughts are foolish to me
I see the world
Covered with cobwebs made into icicles
I listen to the trees
Friends of my childhood
They give a flash of inspiration
We should build
Rainbow bridges

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright makes her home in upstate South Carolina. Married for over 47 years, mother of 7, grandmother of 14. (Her oldest son is deceased.) Gayl loves to explore new areas of creativity as she crochets, composes poems, writes, art journals and spends time in nature. She is a seeker of truth, looking for beauty in ordinary things. Writing from her heart about all of life, her desire is to encourage others and glorify God. She blogs at Words, Photos and Art.
Gayl Wright

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