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Last Good-Bye

written by: Ron Kempton


Wasn’t no Indian summer that pulled her back from the cyclone
Steel rail fences were keeping her wound in her defenses
She’s running back through the dynamo scaled back un-known
Trying to find just where she left the boy in reminisces
Can’t feel the undone polar candy switch box postpone
‘Cause she rode me back to the west coast hiding in the trenches
Only she can find the underwater baritone singing all alone
But I’m still waiting for the telephone to send the boy back home
Hopes a note from the doctor will keep her from the jury benches
But I’ve tried that trick when I was singing in an undertone
I have to say the final mind game rolled past just inches
From the words tossed into a gray sky, before she hung up the phone.

Ron Kempton

Ron Kempton

My name is Ron, I'm a poet, writer and award winning songwriter. I've been writer since I was eight years old, I play guitar, bass, some piano. It's my life long dream to write professionally, I write short stories and I've also written two books.
Ron Kempton

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