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Lonely Loneliness

written by: Irena Ewa Idzikowska

translated by: Artur Komoter


pure white
foggy mist
lonely loneliness
imbrues with bare feet
clothed in a robe of innocence
wields the bouquet in its hands like a sabre
meanders cross in the river of dreams
dreams memories dreams
the earth breathes intensively
in moisture it settles on the eyelash
you hear it fall
loudly soaring
a spark
hope has gone slightly pale
in a robe of innocence clothed
with bare feet imbrues
lonely loneliness


written by: Irena Ewa Idzikowska


biała biel
mglista mgła
samotna samotność
bosymi stopami broczy
odziana w niewinności suknię
bukiet dzierży w dłoniach jak szablę
przecinają się meandry w snów rzece
marzenia wspomnienia marzenia
oddycha ziemia intensywnie
wilgocią osiada na rzęsie
słyszysz jak opada
głośno szybując
nadzieja pobladła nieco
w niewinności suknię odziana
broczy bosymi stopami
samotność samotna

Одиночество Oдиноко

written by: Irena Ewa Idzikowska

translated by: Anahit Hakobyan


белая белизна
туманный туман
одиночество одиноко
босыми ногам кровоточит
одетая в платье невинности
букет держит в руках как саблю
пересекаются меандры в реке снов
мечты воспоминания мечты
земля дышит интенсивно
влажностью оседает на реснице
слышишь как опадает
громко скользя
надежда немного побледнела
одетая в невинности платье
кровоточит босыми ногам
одиночество одиноко

Irena Ewa Idzikowska

Irena Ewa Idzikowska

Irena Ewa Idzikowska: Born on December 5, 1964 in Poland, she now lives and writes in a tiny Scottish village at the foot of Cheviot Hills. Graduate with a Master's Degree in Economics. Poetess and animator of Polish culture with a passion. Editor and publisher. She has been running poetic and artistic blogs for many years. Published poetry in three e-books: A Walk unto Destiny, Seventeen Bitter Pips and Matte Passion Rain. In 2016-2017, she has published five volumes of poetry at Puffin Print Limited in United Kingdom, using the pen name Rena Starska. Her debut was titled Darling, the following are: Perdition, Porcelain, Tangled in the Cockade of Feelings, Echo in Amber. Edited and published four poetry anthologies: Polish Poets Send Christmas Wishes to Countrymen, Resurrection Before Death, Shades of Polish Poetry 2017,Shades of Polish Poetry 1918-2018. The poet's poems were and are being published in many anthologies and on various Internet portals, some of them have been translated into foreign languages: Russian and English. From February 2017, she is a member of the Union of Polish Writers Abroad, based in London, United Kingdom.
Irena Ewa Idzikowska

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