Let Him In, poetry written by Florian Achile at Spillwords.com
Jack Sharp

Let Him In

Let Him In

written by: Florian Achile



My son! I heard you have been doing some casting and binding
Against our August visitor
Are you not tired of seeing my hair fall off like dried leaves?
Are you not tired of seeing your hopes scatter into the air like dust?

I can hear his gentle and persistent knock
I hear his calm and enticing voice
Please stop inviting the heavenly army
I know your love for me knows no bound
But please do not hold me bound to this reclining chair of sorrow

Let me pull off this cancerous fabric
I want to purge this dangling enigma
Please! Let me pass out of this abode like a visitor that I am
Stop your litany of prayers against unforeseen enemies

Let him in my son
I have anticipated his arrival
Let him in my son
For nature is dialing my number

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