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written by: Raj Reader


It was written on the drops of rain.
Sadness had gone; remained the pain.
Long time ago it happened
To me; on a sudden
Came a gentle rain
When you and I
Took long breath
And got

Raj Reader

Raj Reader

Raj Reader (Bangladesh, 1986) is one of the major poets and translators in Bangladeshi Writing in English. Writes in English and Bengali at ease. His book of poetry ‘Vrindavan of Love and Other Poems’ published in 2017 emerged as a visualization of world myth. He translated also a book of ‘Contemporary American Poetry’ into Bengali. Playfully sometimes writes stories for the children. Likes acting, listening to music and watching movies. He has four books to his credit. He has recently translated ‘The Poet’s Urn: Bangabandhu in Timeless Translation.’ And trying to complete the trio with ‘The Poet’s Urn: Liberation War in Timeless Translation’ and ‘The Poet’s Urn: Language Movement in Timeless Translation.’ His poems have been translated in couples of languages including Spanish and French. Moreover, his pieces are available in international journals, sites, newspapers, blogs etc. He had been interviewed in one of the leading newspapers of the country. He directs Dhaka Translation Academy where he trains the young translators. Teaches English Literature in a university college.
Raj Reader

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