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Lights To Success

Lights to Success

written by: Kingsley Kong


This little light of mine, shining bright within my soul. Words inside my skull, are like coal. The fuel that keeps my hopes afloat.

When falling apart, and my heart turns cold, I feel inclined to mention, I look to this little light of mine for divine intervention.

This little light of mine lights the path to all my dreams. But the closer I drift into the mist, the more hopeless it gets or so it seems.

Hopes are what I set out to seek. Nope’s the answer I receive. It’s just so tragic, charm and magic can’t even breach it. I go so spastic, I’ve got to have it, but even go-go gadget arm is outta reach to grab it.

I won’t give up though. I will do what is right. With only a spark, I’ll walk in the night with my head held high. Until this little light of mine shines so bright it turned out, when in comparison, it makes the sun look all but burned out.

This little light of mine is the key to my success. The flames inside the closer I get, seem to burn a little less.

This is when I do my best, gaze straight ahead and face the stress. No regrets. All is fine and well. Embark on the path thru the dark and light this little light of mine myself.


The light within us that leads us through the darkest parts of life.

Kingsley Kong

Kingsley Kong

I'm a recovering alcoholic that put down the bottle and picked up a pen. I write my stories as well as fiction.
Kingsley Kong

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