Little Lights, poetry by Matthew Sweatt at
Ralph Nas

Little Lights

Little Lights

written by: Matthew Sweatt


Our little ones
With their little lights
Shine bright
So bright and blinding are their little
The beams yet small are brighter still
Than the lights that shine by shear will
50 years from now
You ask how?
Purity, innocence, understanding and love
Makes the light of child brighter than all the stars
Show the wicked and the cruel
Show them
Grab the murdering fool
Toss him asunder
Show him the pain in their eyes
So that he will feel his heart breaking
He will hear sorrowful cries
He had better listen well
Naught of the child he has forsaken
But that of his own cries as he rots forever
In Hell.



I cry inwardly and sometimes outwardly when hearing about the horrible treatment of our little ones. These children count on us for love and protection and for us to betray these children is absolutely unforgivable.

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