Lockdown Day 20, commentary by Glynn Sinclare at Spillwords.com
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Lockdown Day 20

Lockdown Day 20

written by: Glynn Sinclare



I am now in lockdown. I don’t actually feel it is very strange as I live alone and have been in a form of lockdown since 2006 when my husband died. I had to get used to living alone after 43 years of marriage.
This is different, on a sad day I would go to the V&A museum, Kew Gardens, or I would go to Harrods on a walk about.
My Freezer is full for at least two weeks maybe three, I have enough food to get by and toilet paper. I have started cleaning a cupboard, a job I have long avoided. Nothing excessive you understand, just one or two cupboards per day.
When the weather gets better I will wash my curtains, clean my windows, and generally spring clean.
I start in the morning, after breakfast I go upstairs to my office, I do my banking or should I say check my balance.
One of the good things about not going out is I am not spending as much money. I move on to preparing for my next book of poems. There is a lot of weeks’ work in that. I spent an hour maybe two and then go downstairs.
I am knitting for my great-grandchildren. I leave the knitting until I am watching the television.
On the good side, my grandchildren messaging me on Facetime. More attention then I am used to which is wonderful.
My garden is on my list of things to do, I will make it into a wonderful space that I can move around in. I need to throw things out of my garage, it is a room rather than a garage, it is full of useless stuff that I find hard to get rid of.
I have taken to doing a short video of my breakfast calling it RollCall with a little chat. I get a thumbs up so I know friends are free of the virus. It is a new skill I have developed and now I am doing videos of my favourite poems, a skill I am still developing.
I will sign off for now keep safe. Wash your hands don’t go in crowded spaces.


London, United Kingdom

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