Lonely Wanderer, poetry by Adegite Precious at Spillwords.com
Максим Лунгу

Lonely Wanderer

Lonely Wanderer

written by: Adegite Precious


They had no clue,
Though I dropped a note,
They thought it was untrue,
It dried my throat.

I craved to see a heart that cares,
But all also seem to be heavy and bleeding,
I sought for a tissue to wipe my tears,
But I was on my own, tearing!!!

Through my mares and confusion,
Through the tunnel of nothingness,
I picked myself to wander in affliction,
Alone in emptiness.

Wandering alone in the dark of myself,
Serving my soul her delicacy, I was her chef,
I see no glimpse of light nor a hand of help,
I was and I’m still a LONELY WANDERER.

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