Lost Whispers Of My Sanity, written by Fallen Engel at Spillwords.com

Lost Whispers Of My Sanity

Lost Whispers Of My Sanity

written by: Fallen Engel



Anchor my ancient dark heart to the black flood below
Let all the empty seeds fall to the floor
Sinking hearse shadows, catatonic stares and listless
Thoughts swirl in the abyss among the forever flows
Always felt the heavy, tumultuous skies falling on me
Experience the pain from the crimson roses thorns
Impaling deep. Perhaps at the lava bottom bliss shall
Be. Goddess Epona searches my soul to leave her silver
Upon her throne. Let the black winged Harpie’s  head
Thy flight. I’m vanishing, vanishing into the depleted
Light. I drink from the everlasting well of lust only to
Yearn for your blood. Shattered hope and shards of
Terror meet in me in limbo where my sanity was lost
Among the whispers.

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