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Be Still My Beautiful Soul

Be Still My Beautiful Soul

written by: Tracey McEachran



Be still my soul as the darkness falls
I shall not fear the shadows
As the light from a pinhole explodes to
Welcome me
Hold me up
Cleanse my sick body
Renew my soul
And make me whole

Be still my soul as we wait
For the transition
From pain
To be greeted by my friends, neighbours
loved ones
I sense you
Waiting for me as those near me fear to let go

Be still my soul on your final journey
To the unknown but familiar
I’ve seen you in my dreams
There are no maps
No guides’ necessary
I sense my way
Free falling into

Be still my soul
As I release those near me
From all responsibly
To care,
For their eyes may no longer see
This pale but delicate version of me
There is a sadness of that there is no doubt
When me they have to live without

Be still my soul
For I am gone
As here I no longer belong
Do not cry or weep
I am gone for the long sleep
Peace at last
As I breathe my last gasp
Be still my beautiful soul



I wrote this poem for my aunts funeral – she was sick and had given up on life, her body was failing her and she no longer wanted to fight against her illness.

Tracey McEachran

Tracey McEachran

Tracey McEachran is a multi-media artist working with large format photography, film, sound and installations. Her practice sits within the genre of portraiture and still life, employing constructed sets and existing backdrops to reveal contradictions in the human experience. Her work explores tension between group and individual identity.
Tracey McEachran

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