Love in Every Color, a poem written by Leila Ziari at
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Love in Every Color

Love in Every Color

written by: Leila Ziari


The yellow moon upon the hill
Traces the night of black
As the crimson petals of the rose
Display all of your heart’s facts
Nature’s sweet impressionist
The master painters met their match

Spring casts its shadow
Neath the golden drops of sun
Silver shadows offset the mist
As cerulean ripples are spun
Is love the lack of color
Or all hues melding into one

The rusted sky disappears
As the moon is ushered in
Love lives inside every color
Twisted inside the evening wind
Born of fragments light as lilac
And the pigment of your skin

Blue is your melancholic mood
Seeping into a jazzy refrain
Emerging from your soul
Prisms of passion are displayed
Blushing sparks of creation
Emitted inside every shade

Red are the rivers flowing in your veins
Bonds beyond flesh and blood
Violets sprout triumphantly
Rising with the purity of the dove
As the white specks of snow
Dissolve into the mud

Twisted oaks birth leaves of green
Hues ricochet from the great beyond
Tangerine melodies glisten
Whilst the crane flies at dawn
Grey clouds are weeping
As love lingers on

The vibrancy of desire
Pastel scribbles of the mind
Romantic tones of the flesh
Nude limbs stretched towards the divine
The heart of the planet ripped open
Wound around flashing neon signs

Secrets of the lovers’ world
The muted rhymes of hieroglyphs
Rings of turquoise stone
Set upon coral tips
The complexion of a faded wound
Love, the only language that exists

Red atop green purple and yellow
All shades are complementary
No line too dull, no tint too weak
All contain the same identity
Beyond the eyes are liquid skies
That hold no contrasting energy

Dip your brush into the palette
Paint me with lost memories
Close your eyes, lose yourself
The colors all begin to mix
Lime, plum, jade green
In each pigment, love is expressed

Color me with the neutral browns
From which a lotus blooms
Love is the base
Found underneath every single hue
A picturesque display
Echoing inside of me and you

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