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Love Is A War

written by: PYG's Whisper



There is something that I can't understand
Something blinds me when I look in your eyes
It makes my heart tremble
Can't help it I'm sweating
Wanna run away but my body seems frozen
Oh don’t you know?
Love is a deadly virus
Once colonizes your veins
You become addicted
And if you wanna give up
You have a contract to sign up
Leave your heart and go
Or take it with you broken.
If I have to choose between life or death I'd rather die in your depth
At least you won't forget about me until your last breath
You might say I'm cruel
Oh baby I don't wanna play the fool
Love is a war I can destroy the world to get ya
And even if the sky explodes over my top
And the ground is shaking under my feet and the waves swallow my bones
My heart will never stop beating for you
Yeah love is a war that I don't wish to lose
Love is a fray between fear and valor
Either take the risk till the end or forget about it and move on
But since I've fell for you your love is nourishing my blood
And there’s nothing else I'd care about
Cause baby I love you and I will never stop fighting for you
Here in my valley there's no white flag above my door
And in my head it's now and ever or let’s die together



When you're truly in love, you'll do everything to keep the one you love by your side.

PYG's Whisper

PYG's Whisper

PYG's Whisper is a simple poet and slam poetry artist,creator of AccapelaNoMusika and MicroSlamPoetry.
I breathe art andi liveto slam.
PYG's Whisper

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