Marionette Strings, a poem written by Christina Ciufo at

Marionette Strings

Marionette Strings

written by: Christina Ciufo



Burgundy curtains rise

from our oval stage called



On the banister above,

your amber callous eyes

inspecting over my vulnerable,

lumped body on the floor.


White strings coiled

around your meticais fingers,

anticipating for the orchestra

to perform your nefarious

and disillusioned composition

for naïve ears to listen.


You pull the string;

my scared body rises.


Your index finger rises;

my limped arm rises.


Your thumb twitches;

my battered elbow bends.


Your hands lift, clutches,

and wrenches;

I moan from your scorching movement.

My body contorts and flinches

from your carnivorous, licentious



Like a heart surgeon, inserting your knife’s sharp point

into each palpitating vein,

you orchestrate your licentious thoughts

and cravings into my being, surrendering

into becoming possessed by your impious,

devious, tangled mind.


Burgundy curtains plummet

from our oval stage called



Adequate grin and flickering malice eyes

inspect my limped, scared body,

while I dirge, despondent, phantom tears

of being your marionette.

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