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Mental Illness

written by: JANENE JORDAN



I’m the awkwardness that fills the room
When death is mentioned, the fear, the gloom,
I’m the look of pity upon their face, I’m the outcast from the human race.
I’m the pills you swallow, no “one for all”,
Blue ones to fly and pink ones to fall.
I’m the stench of bodies that lie unwashed.
I’m the nightmares of all your dreams I've squashed.
I’ll steal your family, I'll reject your friends.
I have a beginning but you’ll see no end.
I’m the stigma hung around your neck,
So easy are the lives I wreck.
I’m the vomit when you won’t eat.
I’m the awkward looks down to their feet.
I’m the scars you try to hide.
I’m the thoughts you wish you’d died.
I'm the house you won’t stop cleaning,
“Touch taps 3 times” I know its meaning.
I’m the voice inside your head,
That whispers “you’re better off now dead.”
I’m the one who will make you weep.
I’m the one who steals your sleep.
Yes late late at night amongst the stillness,
You can call me Mental illness.

Janene Jordan

Janene Jordan

I am a mother of 6 children who suffers with both the stigma and physical effects of having a Mental illness. I write for The Mighty where some of my poetry has been published along with articles on Mental Health.
Janene Jordan

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