Moon of A Dancer, a poem by Theodora Oniceanu at

Moon of A Dancer

Moon of A Dancer

written by: Theodora Oniceanu



Myrtle planted in the grey,
Icy barren ground of darkness, high,
In Graceful moves the smoke of a hidden day
Shows its curvy incensed thigh.

Moon of a dancer,
Conqueror of hearts unconsoled
With gentle touches of light, fine, exulting the spirit
You lift the leaden cloak,
Crush of the Bones, the rain-curtain to enfold,
Enticing the serum holy to inherit
For human souls’ retrieval army, memories to evoke.

Perfumed eminent Hope,
Cinder of brightness, crescent your zest,
Of sensual movement, musical, a try to elope,
Meeting your Destiny up on the other side of the crest.

Leader of hearts, invincible,
Moon dancer, you never stopped spreading your blaze!
With storming clouds of precise carving furies
Your heart reshapes a hidden world.
In praise of cascading dreams, with your esprit you amaze,
Ascending to descend into the abyss of worries
From where victorious you come back, sparkling sane-cold.

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