The Stoning of Sin written by Charlie Bottle at

The Stoning of Sin

The Stoning of Sin

written by: Charlie Bottle



Come see the rocks I have collected,

look at the rounded shapes,

the intricately layered colors,

feel it cold, hard, smooth,

some are rough, jagged and sharp,

some lack luster, and some shine.


Where did you find these rocks?

were they polished in waters?

ss they tumbled in river beds,

producing the warbling melody,

the bubble, babble, plink, plonk songs,

of the waters rushing over it.


These rocks are the memories,

of the pain stunningly given,

by those who hurled them,

while I was buried to the neck,

in the troubles of my days,

and the sorrows of my nights.


These rocks were my prayers rising,

my cries for mercy over whizzing,

penetrating, and thudding sounds,

and the dull, sharp pain and the lights,

the lights that I saw as the warmth,

of my blood, flooded my eyes.


These blood speckled rocks lay cold,

as My world spun around me,

and my tormentors spun in it,

arms raised in a circle as I grew cold,

watching and waiting for sin to die,

these rocks are the witness of sin.


These rocks are colder than people,

who behind a curtained law hid,

deaf, stone cold to Love and mercy,

and not without sin, they arose,

that day to stone the sinner,

for thus t’was writ on paper and in time.


So I brought my rocks to My Lord, the creator,

of the stars, that these rocks once were,

and my tears were wiped,

and my soul was soothed,

for I died that day, as did mercy and love,

but sin and sinners remained in the world.

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