Morbid Attraction (A Vampyre's Sonnet) by Jose A. Tovar at

Morbid Attraction (A Vampyre’s Sonnet)

Morbid Attraction

(A Vampyre’s Sonnet)

written by: Jose A. Tovar


As I lurk in the moonlight of the night,
My body wants to feast on virgin lust.
I cast my eyes upon the perfect sight:
She goes to pray and I must gain her trust.

I ask: What flower vows to be a nun?
Her answer is: An angel, pure to love.
Oh, come to me, shy nun, and have some fun.
Obey me now, undress, for you I starve!

I look into her eyes to hypnotize,
Then lie on top, engage, and bite her breast.
She moans and moans…I drink her blood, my vice.
I now feel pain…She laughs and gives no rest.

Oh, Succubus, my life you must not drain!
She smirks—I die as it begins to rain.

Jose A. Tovar

Jose A. Tovar

Inquiring freethinker undertaking a journey of moral and intellectual transformation: I strive, I search, I hunt for the hidden and forbidden, mold it into poetry, and let the shadows within me burst free...

B.A. in Political Science, former Analytical Linguist, and lover of liberty.
Jose A. Tovar

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