Mother Nature Governs, written by LadyLily at
Charles J Sharp

Mother Nature Governs

Mother Nature Governs

written by: LadyLily



Just popped furry pod,
wings quiver, unfold
a bouquet of brilliance.
Pale indigo flickers in mid-morning,
swaying, hula-hooping
silver threads of fresh fabric web.
Saturated perfumed Freesias
freezes the little fellow…
in Peruvian Blue mists.
Gracefully hovering, descending
on a lash of Lavender,
tip-toeing on lilac flurried flowers.

Curious of this cabaret,
a theatre of enchantment,
bewitching lyrics of songbirds
arise from auras of breezes.
Siskin sings her signature,
Blackbird’s homage humble symphonies,
blending tunes which spiral…
like silver orbs.
The little fellow basks in
multi-shades of lemon,
stripes of orange,
ties bows in a mustard mist.

Thrush, mince pie waistcoat,
perched on pear tree
pecking prize, fleshy white.
Mithering midges dance the Mazurka,
criss-crossing as musical notes,
pose for a vacuumed Summer sun.
This infant Butterfly a ballad of beauty,
Flickering strobes of lilac…
pauses one second.
A flash of peridot plummets
beneath a blue birthstone sky…
An eagle-eyed Goldfinch.

No more our little fellow,
as though he never was.
…and the Lavender sparkles its maroon wands.

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