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My Cacophony

My Cacophony

written by: Nicole Cheng



Here is my siren lullaby,
A sound that can put me into sleep;
The lovely banshees scream and cry
Until I float into my dream.
The ocean waves come into a roar
While the storm flashes and thunders;
The dark clouds cry a heavy rain pour
And the wind blows in massive wander.
The misty glows appear at night,
Stepping on the creaking wooden floors;
They let out eerie moans, glowing white,
As they stalk me in my sleep some more.
The cries echo down the hallway,
The screams are mixed with blood.
There’s something metal, it’s the blade
And the scent of the carmine flood.
The fallen angels have broken, then died
With their roaming spirits screaming.
Their discordant cries are agonized;
Please, don’t wake me up from dreaming.
There is a monster under my bed,
He is roaring and growling in delight;
I thought he wants to take my head,
But he’s really protecting me by eating my fright.
People say I am straight-jacket insane
Just because of my favorite sounds.
I bury them alive in locked chains
To make sure they’re lost and never found.
I’ll keep loving these beautiful discordant sirens
No matter how eerie and horrid they seem.
I love the sound of others getting frightened,
That will put me in a better dream.
Let the banshees in white sing,
Let the blood flow in the air;
Let the phantom organ play in discord ring,
Let the demons stalk me on the rocking chairs.
These ghostly moans are my lullaby,
They are my sleepy siren songs.
Wake me up and I will cry,
Better allow me to sleep for long.
Time to say goodnight,
Don’t let the victims stay alive.
I don’t mind the vampires bite,
I’ll smile in my sleep… when my enemies never survive.



Everyone has a lullaby, even if it’s different and eerie.

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