My Heart In A Bottle, poetry written by Ash Douglas at

My Heart In A Bottle

My Heart In A Bottle

written by: Ash Douglas



Like a bottle in a vast ocean… I’m drifting
further and further from your beautiful shore, I float
my body breaking against violent waves
which pull me far far from the horizon
alone, I wade, no one around to hear me
for the longest days…the darkest of nights,
Oh, how I’ve prayed to be rescued
pulled ashore only by your hand
chipped and weathered
most of me empty,
nothing left but a note
two words I’ve carried with me for so long
hoping someday my message would reach you
fall from your lips and into your broken heart
…I’m sorry



I have been estranged from my daughter for almost four years now. I use poetry as a way to cope and to keep hope in my heart that one day we will be together again. A lot of my poetry is inspired by my ongoing struggle and journey back into her life.

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