My Origami Heart written by Don Knowles at

My Origami Heart

My Origami Heart

written by: Don Knowles



My origami heart
Once precision folds formed this beating heart
Creases frail from constant use
It’s been passed around and admired much
Some formed tares that put some scars there
But these Scarlett embossed fibers
A design of veins on a parchment
It Still easily forms a shade of my heart
With a small pocket hidden in back
You place two fingers upon a mark
Which sends illusional beats of this precious pump
Some day balled up and put out for trash
But now its dents and dings don’t count for much
So I tap out this message my friends
It’s the message you should surely share
In a series of folds that you’ll undertake
It’s a lesson passed down from old to their young
To listen to the voice of your heart
No matter red paper or red meat
You’ll always stay incomplete
Without love pumping in through and out of that sump

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