New York City Shrouded In The Mist, poetry by Thaddeus Hutyra at

New York City Shrouded In The Mist

New York City Shrouded In The Mist

written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



Lovers strolling in Central Park
drinking coffee, smiling
Subtle kisses bringing sunshine
in the early morning hours
of NYC shrouded in the mist.

Midtown Manhattan, Lower East Side
Greenwich Village, East Village
Ellis Island, Chelsea, Time Square
Upper East Side, Upper West Side
all of you, O’ New York City
are shrouded in the mist
on that fine morning hours day!

Fashionable ladies, attractive men
all rushing to their jobs
Everybody shrouded in the mist
as much as the magnificent NYC.

The veil of the mist
seems to be threaded
by symphonic diamonds of light
coming from the emerging Sun
enshrouding the whole city.

Central Park, Brooklyn Heights
Queens, Broadway, the Bronx
Staten Island, Kings, Richmond
Lower Manhattan, Hudson River
any place one looks
lovers strolling together
shrouded as if by the wedding veil.

Intensity of the morning
is the harbinger of the coming day
Urban jungle, mind-boggling
the universe of its own
diversities juxtaposed
in a smart, NYC way.

Manhattan unfurled, the magic pearl
the West Side and the East Side
Empire State Building, Chelsea Piers
Woolworth Building, Freedom Tower
Manhattan Bridge, Madison Square
Rockefeller Center, Waterside Plaza
all shrouded in the morning mist.

O’ New York City, my greatest lover
you, so subtle like a woman
so intense like a man
yet you are many millions of us
shrouded by the Stars and Stripes!

O’ New York City, you, the symphony
of all the vibrations of life
as nowhere else in the world
you, the spider’s web of love
bursting with life anew and anew.

O’ New York City, shrouded in the mist
O’ New York City, my heartland
from early twilight morning hours
to late night hours of short rest
you are the finest tune of my heart.

O’ New York, New York, New York City
you, the Star-Spangled Banner of America
O’ New York, New York, New York City
shrouded by Old Glory and New Glory
O’ New York, New York, New York City!

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