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On Departure (Elegy)

written by: M.H. Emon


In those seven hundred thirty more days
Thee was the reason of thousand happiness
With thee, I was my best

O thee!
If can then forgive me

As I foretold in previous word’s house
"This moment too shall pass; let me love you a little more"
Now I know my statement was coming out from its cocoon

O thee!
If can then forgive me

O ache! this ache!
My trembling hands
Thy memories hunting I can't calm

Thee! O thee!
If can then forgive me

To the Almighty Lord
I'll kneel and pray
As long as this soul will stay
Forgive I, accept thy
Take care of my thee, here I'm drowning
Saying Goodbye!

M.H Emon

M.H Emon

I’m M.H Emon and I'm from Bangladesh. Poetry is the only way to soothe my soul, and it’s another form of worship to me.
M.H Emon

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