...On Poetry and Fiction - Just “One Word” Away ("Brooklyn"), editorial by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com

…On Poetry and Fiction Just “One Word” Away (“Brooklyn”)

…On Poetry and Fiction

Just “One Word” Away (“Brooklyn”)

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



One word becomes one idea, becomes one sentence, becomes one poem, becomes one story. It must start from just “one word”. Today my one word is “Brooklyn”.



“Brooklyn” greets me like a good friend;
A warm smile, a huge hug and a gentle kiss
A soft breeze, and City Street melodies…
“Brooklyn” adores me like a lover would
It holds my hand and walks beside me –
past old, quaint row houses,
one-family to multi-family jewels
Newly erected Condos,
Ground floor spaces
and many lone, vacant places

We skip ‘cross cracked sidewalks,
rising curbs and concrete stoops
We trip upon urban construction sites
that have worn out their welcome
We prance by corner mailboxes
and City fire hydrants;
better known as “Johnny Pumps”
in our New York “Brooklyn” world

“Brooklyn” whispers in my ear,
plays with my hair,
dances in my heart
and escorts me everywhere –
Shadows of the past
Emotions of the present
Hopes for the future
Longing for yesterday…

Like a fine wine
“Brooklyn” sedates me
with its grapes of honor
It bathes me in sweet splendor
Potent aromas guide my every step
as I follow so obediently
The smell of espresso and pastry in the air
A sniff here, a sniff there
Freshly baked bread and brick oven pizza
intoxicate me along the way

Suddenly “Brooklyn” taps me on the shoulder
and alerts me to the scent of exotic bouquets,
blooming on bustling street corners
With hints of fresh fruit and vegetable bliss
permeating the air
I am dazed within the grip of MY “Brooklyn”
As I bask amongst the foods of the Gods
…Until a passing bicyclist, skateboarder
or breathless jogger
rudely interrupts my fantasy,
While “Brooklyn” shelters me with its charm
and gently casts me out of the way,
so “they” may move along
on their merry journey
As I continue on mine,
with “Brooklyn” by my side…

To the park, I hear “Brooklyn” whisper
…Masterful pigeons fly above in flocks
Waving past with outstretched wings
Children playing, adults gossiping, traffic bellowing
Park benches filled with sitting elders
Majestic trees offering shade
Sprinklers, dogwalkers
Squirrels and birds
– I must treat myself to a pink lemon-ade

Icecream cones and candy, in the hands of tots,
All nestled and happy in their strollers,
beneath swaying trees and cloudless skies
– Oh the wonders never cease!
“Brooklyn” leads me to its spectacular Pier
and panoramic views of the Big City –
Which stretch far and wide
across the glorious East River;
Where seagulls play,
planes and helicopters soar,
sailboats and water taxis
ride the waves to shore…
Small makeshift beaches
bordered by large black rocks
at the water’s edge,
house the ducks, and entice each curious child

…and that is “Brooklyn”…
A varied mix of past, present and future
One slice of “magical” New York City…
Tainted by change, loved by what once was,
and stunned by what may come to be…
Yet, forever a part of ME!
– The place I call Home!

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