Oustanding Balance, a poem written by Patricia Walsh at Spillwords.com

Outstanding Balance

Outstanding Balance 

written by: Patricia Walsh


Even if you died, I would still hold the torch
Against your will, standing within reason.
An unwanted love slipping under muster
Advertisements playing the fool incessantly

Some flowers pave the way towards decadence
A fool’s coffee shop a reliquary after hours
Of persuasive conversation, getting fit
Enough to bear the scars of a conscientious kiss.

In like a lion, out like a lamb. Best practice
Turning in poverty as best revenge
For close misdeeds, under cover of friendship
To love is necessary, for dear life.

Along the Watchtower, romantic starvation
Suits the independent, blaming the government
For a great vowel shift, covert entitlement
Over effort, graft, a deserving effort.

Eating cigarettes in lieu of waiting
Supreme time-killers pat on the back
Even family can be bad, said Jesus
To the plough and looking back is not an option.

Covering up the bald head, and a multitude of sins
Kissing over distance is a profound sorrow.
Amplified over water, just property
Romantic codes breaking peace of mind.

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