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written by: Shawntelle Moncy



We live in a world of painted faces; nothing like the painting on my canvas, remember we are civilized; but painted fingernails and painted skin. The fake vision of perfection.

We’re living in a world of painted cedar. Yellow, orange, whichever color you’d like to cover it up with.

Melted gems on our fingers and painted rock on our tabletops, whichever type you’d like, because remember we are civilized.

We live in a world of painted water. Grape is purple, red is strawberry, RED 41.

Covered up green grass, wherever you’d like it, and Blue Lotus painted pills to take you away for a while, but remember we are civilized.

We live in a world of painted lips, but not too dark, you want to look natural #3.

A world of tainted air in the fresh breath of our Earth and painted plastic to better attract the crowd.
We live in a world washed of Ethos and painted in Faustian.

Shawntelle Moncy

Shawntelle Moncy

Everything creative makes up my entire being, my camera and my pencil are my heart and soul.
Shawntelle Moncy

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