Pandemic, a poem by Marion Rose Horga at
Hemendra Ahuja



written by: Marion Rose Horgan


Death rides roughshod
Into an unsuspecting world.
Patrolling, controlling,
A pandemic has unfurled.

Mortal enemy, no indemnity,
Wreaking havoc in our lives.
Life taker, deal breaker,
Knows how to improvise.

Manic season, without reason,
Our whole world is upside down.
All is changing, rearranging
Joy and freedom gone aground.

Infection detection
Doing what is right.
Love shining, divining,
Beacons in the night.

Hearts heavy, never ready
For such a loss of life.
Surreal, all too real,
Death and fear are rife.

Consternation, supplication,
Silent vigils through the night,
Observation, isolation
Fighting for each precious life.

Desperation, ventilation,
Last rites are due.
Brief reprieve from grief,
An ailing soul pulls through.

Angels in PPE,
With gentle ministration
Under siege, fight fatigue,
Defending our proud nation.

Which direction for protection,
As we face into the fray?
So many questions without answers
Hope seems very far away.

But despair must not assail us
In this time of pain and plight.
The sun will rise again tomorrow
Shadows yielding to the light.

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