Perhaps, We're In Ignorance..!! poetry by Monika Ajay Kaul at
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Perhaps, We’re In Ignorance..!!

Perhaps, We’re In Ignorance..!!

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



Doesn’t every story have different sides?

Ever watched, the Sky?
An infinity.
Universe merging with multiverse and thoughts caught in conundrum
of paradoxical questions?

Perhaps, we are in ignorance.
Perhaps we are here obliging
some cosmic intervention.
Perhaps fates and nemesis are united.
Perhaps our perception is a deception.

Perhaps life is an enigma.
A circle of incongruity.
A Dilemma.
An arcane love affair
of life and death.

Perhaps they are so much in love.
But can’t vanquish their contrariety.
Perhaps they are strayed
from the path
that leads them to each other.

Perhaps dusk and dawn
are the unearthly infinitude.
Perhaps they meet at twilight
not for earthly things,
but for each other.

Perhaps the zillion stars
in the oblivion gleam,
witnessing the very unison.
Perhaps eclipse is the time when
their love stuck in indifference.

Perhaps the smears on the moon
are the painful sores.
Perhaps thunder is inveighing from heavens
bewailing their detachment
in the cloudy, somber sky.

Perhaps they are awaiting
the drawn-out Time.
Waiting in solus,
but travailing for
humans’ larger good.

Perhaps that is the love,
we call pious and heavenly.
Love that is hushed and tranquil.
Yet asserts, loud and clear.
Love, not everyone fathoms.

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