Phantasmagoria, a poem written by Broken Montague at
Emma Filer



written by: Broken Montague


It’s 2:07, and just got home
Spent night hours, drinking alone.
From every street, I roamed,
To the memories, I look back on my phone.

It’s 5:23, still can’t get to sleep,
On my mind, you’re the one I still keep.
The morning sun rays said, “Hello”,
On my window, I felt the cold zephyr billowed.

It’s 13:01, and just sleepily woke up,
Don’t even know how I found myself back,
From that not-worthy-of-throwback November,
To the memories, I burned in December.

It’s 14:14, as I went to the kitchen,
I made coffee and grimaced on its taste.
It is as bitter as the wind I breathe in,
But on your pictures, I’m still sadly gazing.

In 15:21, I laid myself back between the sheets,
Trying to remember your kiss and its heat.
The way it tasted, it was so sweet.
And how it made my heart rapidly beat.

In 15:25, I woke up daydreaming,
Every minute, you were there, haunting
In my mind, it’s my name you’re calling…
But in my heart, you’re gradually fading.

17:12, turned iTunes on.
Played something that turned me on.
Said, “I should’ve held on tight”
And “I never should’ve let you go.”

18:01, you said, “I will fix you,”
And can still clearly hear that voice.
Thought that I’m the only one option,
‘Coz to me, you’ll always be my choice.

18:50, turned the light on,
But it’s too late, I didn’t wake up soon.
I enjoyed so much how you cheated,
When I woke up, already alone in bed, naked.

19:10, “Come back, Baby, Please”
Mariah was still on repeat.
Its melody and lyrics dug deep in my soul,
The pain, the scars left me a hole.

20:20, dined me of your memories,
You and I in Korean cuisine,
Bulgogi and Japchae is what I truly miss,
But I, without you, can’t again begin.

22:43, looking outside the window,
Staring at the night sky’s moonbow.
Decided to chase me away from you,
Drove myself somewhere so I’d forget you.

23:23, the night is still as vacuous as my mind,
But there’s only you and what we left behind.
Every tick-tock reminded me of you,
Every bottle of beer tried to erase you.

00:51, lips to lips felt like just yesterday,
Head to toe, we breathed the fire of desires
When I spilled my love all over your body,
And turned it all into a constellation of memory.

I know that we never had enough chance,
At least I don’t regret that I’ve loved you for once.
Even if all of these happened phantasmagorically,
I still don’t regret we had this unlabelled dalliance.

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